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SPIRIT Indoor Positioning for Smartphones

There is no GPS signal indoors.
IndoorSpirit is mobile indoor navigation software engine that uses data from multiple smartphone sensors and does not require any (beacon) infrastructure to be installed in the facility. IndoorSpirit product concurrently uses multiple technologies including geomagnetic fingerprinting, pedestrian dead reckoning, Wi-Fi fingerprinting, map matching and more for heterogeneous data fusion. The indoor navigation engine determines user’s starting position automatically and reliably detects real-time 3D indoor positioning (including floor) in complex, dense and tall buildings with 1m accuracy. Software is easily integrated in LBS mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Hardware free

IndoorSpirit’s patented technology uses smartphone’s built-in sensors, and natural variations of geomagnetic field and other multiple signal sources as a map to pinpoint locations indoors. This software-only indoor positioning solution allows worldwide deployment of location-based apps, offering developers unprecedented scale and freedom. Write us today.

iOS and Android

IndoorSpirit is available for iOS and Android platforms allowing developers to build location-based apps for large range of devices and users. iOS support makes IndoorSpirit the industry-leading cross-platform indoor positioning solution. Write us and start building your IndoorSpirit-powered apps.


The core technology behind IndoorSpirit runs on phone and in the cloud, offering an always-up-to-date positioning service for app developers. The cloud-powered service also provides developers with easy access to their application data.


IndoorSpirit offers industry-leading accuracy.

SPIRIT indoor mapping technology

Use SPIRIT Mapper application to collect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth signals and Magnetic field map to match the data with the Floor plan of venue.
It takes less than 30 minutes to map a floor of ~1,000 sq. meters, walking at natural pace (1-2 m/s).

Once mapped, customers with a smartphone can navigate conveniently with high accuracy and enjoy location-based services indoors with or without an active internet connection.

Watch the Blue Dot exploring a big shopping center in real-time:

Watch the real time indoor navigation video taken within the Mobile World Congress 2014 venue:

Watch the real-time indoor navigation video taken in an office building:

SPIRIT Dead Reckoning Software

Dead Reckoning software for smartphone or vehicle navigation in places such as dense metropolitans, tunnels, or in parking garages where GPS does not work or is unreliable.
Super Sensitive Software Receiver Super-Sensitive Software Navigation GPS-Glonass receiver that works indoors.