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Mobile indoor navigation software

SPIRIT Navigation


Reliable and precise indoor navigation will transform the way people move and act indoors in a similar way GPS transformed the way people navigate outdoors


Precise mobile indoor navigation software engine

IndoorSpirit licenses its mobile indoor navigation software engine that uses data from multiple smartphone sensors and does not require any (beacon) infrastructure to be installed in the facility. IndoorSpirit product concurrently uses multiple technologies including geomagnetic fingerprinting, pedestrian dead reckoning, Wi-Fi fingerprinting, map matching and more for heterogeneous data fusion. The indoor navigation engine determines user’s starting position automatically and reliably detects real-time 3D indoor positioning (including floor) in complex, dense and tall buildings with 1m accuracy. Software is easily integrated in LBS mobile applications for Android and iOS. Indoor navigator

SPIRIT Dead Reckoning Software

SPIRIT Dead Reckoning is software for smartphone or in-vehicle navigation unit that drastically improves car positioning in complex urban environment like tunnels and dense urban areas where GPS-signals do not reach. SPIRIT Dead Reckoning software uses data from standard GNSS chip and MEMS sensors installed inside smartphones/tablets, as well as in-vehicle speed sensor available from CAN-bus directly or by OBDII interfaces. With the help of Dead Reckoning driver can continuously enjoy convenient map services and turn-by-turn navigation in difficult conditions where GNSS alone fails.

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